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About Us

InnovateED was started by two educators passionate about developing the capacity of teachers and leaders to implement proven practices and ensure sustainable student success.

All educators “attend” trainings and even leave inspired, but find that the lack of focus and support combined with the daily whirlwind of work leaves even the best laid plans in a binder on the shelf for another day.

With the advent of Common Core State Standards and Local Control Funding Formula, educators are given the gift of redefining learning and creating classrooms full of collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication. Additionally, students will be assessed in a way that demands this type of learning to achieve college and career ready expectations. This new realm differs so much from the NCLB classroom that both teachers and administrators at all levels will need informative resources and reliable tools to attain a strategic focus, clearly defined actions and measurable outcomes.


The team of seasoned educators at InnovateED is here to provide the help you need. We have been working with local school districts such as the two-time Broad finalist Corona-Norco USD for over seven years on strategic planning, leadership coaching, instructional support, student interventions and personalized student plans for college and career.

We look forward to working with your district and invite you to learn more about us!

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