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Systems Leadership Collaborative

system-leadershio-logo-smallCalifornia’s Systems Leadership Collaborative led by ACSA, Fullan, InnovateEd, The Flippen Group, and Fagen, Friedman and Fulfrost is designed to help 15 districts from around the state successfully implement their LCAP. The main goal is to positively affect the classroom around student achievement.

Our vision and guiding principles: School district leaders can attain extraordinary results when they effectively apply the principles of systems leadership. This organizational development process will be facilitated and provide the research-based frameworks to define high-leverage actions together, as they can be difficult to accomplish without support. Collaboration – where leaders support and learn from each other – makes a difference.

Our purpose: The Systems Leadership Collaborative is premised upon the significant impact school district systems can have by successfully implementing their LCAP, with an emphasis on influencing next generation accountability to develop a culture of continuous improvement. Our work together will focus on research-based frameworks and proven leadership practices for building district capacity, including:

  • Communicating a strategic focus
  • Cultivating leadership capacity
  • Establishing organizational support structures
  • Engaging in data-driven decision-making
  • Leading implementation planning and execution
  • Developing a high-performing culture

Outcomes: This 10-month process will provide a systemic structure for school district teams achieve their goals with the help of experts who deeply understand systems implementation. District teams will also benefit from ongoing feedback and collaboration with other districts in their region. As a collaborative, we will shed light on the most important indicators of progress for districts as related to the eight state priorities, and share what actions have the most significant impact on district systems leading to successful implementation of the LCAP.