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Developing school district coherence and capacity for the continuous improvement of leadership, teaching and student learning

Coherent System of Continuous Improvement


InnovateEd believes that high performing school districts have a strategic focus that aligns district supports with student learning needs and engages leaders at all levels in collaboration, co-learning, and shared accountability. By developing a coherent system of continuous improvement, a district can reduce the variance in teaching and learning both within and across schools.

Clients work with us through cycles of collaborative inquiry at all levels in order to achieve district coherence and build capacity for sustainable improvement of student learning. Creating district coherence requires developing systems that engage district, school, and classroom levels in collectively leading continuous improvement. Clarity of district goals and student learning priorities creates a strategic focus for leading continuous improvement at every level of the system.

An action plan guides a coalition of district leaders, principals, and teachers in leading change strategies that shift practices for creating coherence to improve student learning. School implementation plans engage principals, school leadership and teacher teams in building capacity to implement key practices for leading continuous improvement of teaching and learning.


Building Capacity for the Continuous Improvement of Student Equity and Performance

Systems Leadership

Advancing the leadership of district and site administration

Instructional Capacity

Improving the instructional practices of our teaching professionals

Evidence of Impact

Improving practices through evidence-based collaborative inquiry

Our Key Partners

We believe not only in partnership with districts, but also with external partners whose vision and practices align with ours…building the capacity of educators to ensure student success.