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Our Framework

InnovateEd - Systems Chart wide

Developing Systems Leadership


It is essential that all administrators serve as lead leaders. InnovateEd works with district and site administrators via a systems leadership coaching model that develops capacity to focus on strategic priorities, engage in high leverage actions and provide formative feedback that accelerates the continuous improvement of teaching and student learning.

Building Instructional


InnovateEd engages teacher teams in a lesson study model to develop instructional expertise by combining lesson design training with instructional delivery coaching. Protocols for student work analysis, data analysis and learning rounds allows teachers and site leaders to collaboratively review evidence of student learning as part of a cycle of continuous improvement.

Evidence of


Through collaborative inquiry cycles at the district, school and classroom levels, InnovateEd develops district-wide capacity for leading the continuous improvement of teaching and learning. This is achieved by equipping teams at all levels to improve practices by focusing on visible evidence of student learning.