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Developing school district coherence and capacity for the continuous improvement of leadership, teaching and student learning

InnovateEd believes that high performing school districts have a strategic focus that aligns supports with student learning needs and engages leaders at all levels in collaboration, co-learning and shared accountability.

Clients engage in the Four Disciplines of Systems Leadership to achieve district coherence and build capacity for sustainable improvement:

  • Focusing Direction – Setting the stage for long-term growth of district capacity and student achievement by focusing on a few goals and outcomes that align critical supports for leadership, teaching and student learning.
  • Cultivating Collaborative Cultures – Implementing structures and processes that develop capacity of principals, school leadership teams and teacher teams to lead district-focused and site-driven continuous improvement of student learning.
  • Deepening Learning – Implementing an instructional coherence framework that shifts classroom and school level practices by focusing on developing student skills and using evidence of learning to inform continuous improvement of practices.
  • Securing Accountability – Creating a common vision of accountability that engages district leaders, principals and teachers in collaboratively monitoring evidence of student learning to continuously adapt and improve student tasks, instructional supports and classroom practices.

Four Disciplines of Systems Leadership

"Building capacity refers to developing the skills, competencies and knowledge that individuals and groups need in order to effectively accomplish the goals at hand."
 -Michael Fullan in Coherence (2015)


Click here to download the Systems Leadership Coaching Framework that InnovateEd is using in partnership with ACSA, COEs and school districts across the state of California.

Creating a Strategic Focus for Leading Systems Improvement

Systems Leadership

Advancing the leadership of district and site administration

Instructional Capacity

Improving the instructional practices of our teaching professionals

Student Academic Supports

Creating the next generation of student support aligned with college and career ready outcomes

Our Partners

We believe not only in partnership with districts, but also with external partners whose vision and practices align with ours…building the capacity of educators to ensure student success.